My discoveries…

I originally established this site to provide a tutorial on how to construct a voice-directed humanoid robot – hopefully to save a reader a lot of time and aggravation….but, I decided to expand it to include some of the other things I have managed to put together over my years, mostly to leave some things to allow my grandson to know me a bit better…

If you’d like, you can leave me comments here, or shoot me an email at:

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Frank Hermes

Started this site to detail path to create a voice-directed humanoid robot, but decided to expand it to include other journeys...

2 thoughts on “My discoveries…”

  1. I tried using a piZero, and though it would load the program and run, I found it to be so lacking in memory and power to essentially be useless…I think the RPi 3 is probably the minimum entry level…at some point I hope to see if the newer RPi 4 makes much difference…

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