snips-bioloid-premium-voicekit App

OK, so we finally get to install the app into the robot!

  1. First, assuming you followed the directions elsewhere on creating a Snips Assistant, let’s clean up the RPi Snips assistant directory to clear our test app and any others you may have been running while developing your robot project (you can always re-install later)
    1. at the RPi terminal, type
      1. cd /var/lib/snips/skills
      2. ls (note the folders that are listed) – for each folder:
      3. sudo rm -rf snips-demo-dev-kit
      4. re-boot the RPi
  2. Login to the Snips Console here
    1. Click on the My Assistants tab
    2. Click on Create New button
    3. Name the app – Bioloid-voicekit
    4. Use appropriate language, e.g., English
    5. Click Create
    6. In the Wake word drop-down, chose “Jarvis
    7. Click Add an App
    8. Scroll through the apps and find the app: Bioloid Premium Voicekit BY HERMESF
    9. Click that app’s Add App button
    10. Click the Add 1 App button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen
    11. You have created your app

Note: when installing and using the Bioloid Premium Voicekit app, like we will be doing below, whenever you install it as the assistant, and are running the app on your RPi, you will need to have the RPi’s USB cable plugged into a USB port – usually into the Data Port on the CM-530 in our case, but, you can use something else if you are developing on an RPi away from the robot, e.g., a USB-to-serial adaptor – it just needs to be plugged into something…

  1. Using your Node.js terminal, type:
    1. sam connect nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn (whatever your static RPI IP address is, e.g.,
      1. you will be prompted to enter your RPi username, type
        1. pi<enter>
      2. then, you will be prompted to enter the password, type:
        1. raspberry<enter>
      3. it will then indicate that Sam is connected…
    2. sam status<enter> you should see a report stating some services are running and some are not since we deleted the skills folders earlier
    3. sam login<enter> it will ask you for your snips Console login credentials (the ones you used to create your snips account) – enter them, and it will confirm you are logged in
    4. sam install assistant<enter>
      1. it will ask you to select your assistant
        1. – scroll to Bioloid-voicekit and hit <enter>it will download and install the assistant, and then prompt your for some parameters – just hit <enter> for each line presented…
    5. As a test, once it returns to the terminal prompt,
      1. say “Jarvis” – you will hear a tone
      1. say “Who’s your creator” – you will hear a tone
      2. it should then say, I was created by my master…

With the RPi and accessories mounted on the robot – do these in sequence (i.e., the robot should be in standby before the RPi boots)…

  1. first, power up the robot by pressing the CM-530’s power switch, let it boot
  2. tap the START button on the CM-530 (I usually hold his feet steady until he stands up
  3. once he’s up and in standby, power up the RPi
  4. once it boots you can prompt it with any of the intents you see listed in the Bioloid Premium Voicekit app

Once you have gotten this far, you may want to continue the development of your robot…you can create you own app, and, clone the Bioloid Premium Voicekit app at this Github URL